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Camco are Manufacturers of Edgebanding Materials

Veneer Edging

ABS edging

Acrylic Edging

Paintable edging

Laser Edging

Lacquered veneer edging


We are specialist stockist and distributor of Veneer Edging, ABS edging and Abrasives.  Our products are manufactured in Germany and Europe and are of highest quality available in the market.   Our friendly team offers you and all our customers an excellent service at most competitive prices. 


CAMCO Veneer Edging is from the highest grade veneer and manufactured in Europe.  

We offer a wide range of veneer edging from local and foreign tree species, as well as fine-line veneers of various thicknesses and widths, supplied in rolls or in strips, preglued or unglued, fleece-backed, sanded and upon request also brushed and lacquered.  We offer only the highest quality veneer

Our customers are offered the widest selection of products in different patterns as well as thickness and width sizes. Currently, our offer comprises around 3000 colours and patterns of 300 types of ABS edge-banding tapes, 80 types of melamine edge-banding tapes, 40 types of CPL edge-banding tapes used on worktops, and 35 types of edge-banding tapes made of natural veneer. This way, we can provide our customers with a wide possibility of choice and an overall solution - all in one place. Consulting With the intention to provide support at an optimal level, we offer our clients consulting services delivered at their premises. Excellent Service Our specialists are ready to give assistance for any kind of technical problem. Flexibility of Service Customers are welcome to present their specific requirements, and we will do our best to serve their wishes


For furniture manufacturers, we offer edge-banding tapes for painting intended for edge banding and subsequent varnishing. In our range, we have melamine and ABS edge-banding tapes for painting and dedicated edge-banding tape for painting, PP-Wood. Edge-banding tapes for painting are available in various thicknesses and widths and are intended for lacquering with PUR as well as water-based lacquers.


Their innovative and impressive 3D appearance can undoubtedly increase the value of any furniture. ACRYLIC edge-banding tapes, also known as 3D edge-banding tapes, are available in stock with thickness of 1 mm and 2 mm in various combinations of the colour of aluminium and solid colour shades. The ACRYLIC edge-banding tapes are also available to order in other solid colour and wood grain designs and imitations of end grain.


Melamine edge-banding tapes and also a new generation of edge-banding tapes, and due to their extreme bendability they are suitable for edge banding curvatures on BAZ processing centres, edge banding of grooves on door leaves as well as softforming and wrapping of MDF profiles. PP edge-banding tapes with a thickness from 0.38 mm to 2 mm are available to order in solid colour and wood grain designs.

Lacquered Veneer Edging

Take the hassle out of the finishing of your high end carpentry and furniture cabinets!   Achieve stunning results and quality.  Use our pre-lacquered edging to edge your pre-cut pre-lacquered board pieces - reduce handling damage,  cost and time and produce beautiful and high quality furniture and fitouts.


We match perfectly to your required colour and sheen grade.  For example, you may want a higher sheen grade for the edging, to emphasise the edging.... we will produce and supply to your requirement.  


It all works perfectly and makes it all easy to do.

Laser Edging

Laser edge-banding tapes are a new generation of tapes with a useful layer applied on the back side of the edge-banding tape intended for laser edge banding as well as hot air or other technologies without using hot glue. The advantages of the laser edge-banding tapes are the concealed adhesive bond, the strong bond with high temperature resistance and high moisture resistance.


AirMelt and LaserMelt laser edge-banding tapes from our own production are available in all types of edge-banding tapes from the collection, ABS and melamine edge-banding tapes and edge veneers. 

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