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ABS Edgebanding Tapes in Solid Colours



Our collection of solid colour designs encompasses 300 designs in stock, You can choose between solid colour designs of all known manufacturers of enhanced particleboards, from high gloss to increasingly popular super matte finishes. Upon request, we can make any solid colour ABS design identical to the RAL or NCS colour code of a certain surface, with the desired thickness, width and gloss.



ABS Edgebanding Tapes in Wood-Grain Designs


In the collection, you can choose from as many as 500 wood-grain designs of ABS edge-banding tapes from all renowned

producers of enhanced particleboards. We are expanding the range of ABS edge-banding tapes depending on the range

of new boards available on the market. All designs are available in thicknesses of 2 mm and 0.45 mm; the majority of designs are

also available with a thickness of 1 mm. All standard widths of tapes are available.

Upon request, we can make ABS tapes matching the particular board in terms of design and structure.




ABS Edgebanding Tapes in Abstract-pattern Designs


In stock, we have more than 50 abstract-pattern designs as well as designs imitating stone,

marble and textiles from all renowned manufacturers of enhanced particle boards.

All designs are available primarily in thicknesses of 1 mm and in all standard widths of tapes.





High Gloss ABS Edgebanding Tapes


The collection of high gloss ABS edge-banding tapes encompasses 50 solid colour and wood-grain designs from known manufacturers

of enhanced particle boards. High gloss ABS tapes are available in stock in thicknesses of 1 mm and all commercial widths, and all are protected on the surface with a protective foil that prevents damage to the tapes during edge banding. Upon request, we can also make high gloss ABS designs matching a certain RAL or NCS colour code.





ABS Edgebanding Tapes for Grooves on Door Leaves


Upon request, we offer ABS edge-banding tapes specially made and adapted for grooves in

door leaves. ABS edge-banding tape has incisions in spots where the ABS tape is to be bended into the groove of a door leaf.

The thickness of the ABS edge-banding tape is 1 mm; available to order are widths of 57 mm, 62 mm and 68 mm.






ABS Edgebanding Tapes with Aluminium Finish


ABS edge-banding tape with an aluminium surface finish gives furniture an extremely modern appearance.

You can choose between three different types of finish: grinded aluminium, matte aluminium and gloss aluminium;

tapes with a thickness of 1 mm are available to order in all widths.

ABS edge-banding tapes with aluminium finish are protected with a protective foil that can be removed after edge banding.
















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