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ACRYLIC 3D Edge-Banding Tapes


3D edge-banding tapes are made from crystal clear PMMA

(polymethyl metacrylat), also known as ACRYLIC.


They excel in providing a completely translucent and 3D appearance.


This decorative layer in solid colour or wood-grain design is applied on the back side of the edge-banding tape and is thus

completely protected with the top layer against damage.


The advantage of 3D edge-banding tapes is that after edge banding the decorative layer on the back side of the edge-banding tape remains completely untouched, because only the top translucent layer of the edge-banding tape is stripped.


In stock, we have 3D MONOCOLOR and BICOLOR edge-banding tapes in combinations with aluminium colour and solid colour designs.

Upon request, we can also supply you with 3D edge-banding tapes in wood designs or with an end grain appearance

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