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Edgebanding Veneer for Straight Edges












We offer edge-banding tapes from natural veneers made from more than 50 different tree species and fine-line veneers in 40 designs.


We mainly stock veneers with a thickness of 0.5 mm and all commercial widths. Single-layer veneers are paper backed with 20 g lamination paper and ground with granulation 220 and are thus ready for further surface treatment with PUR or UV water-based lacquers.


Upon request, we can also offer edge-banding veneers with pre-applied EVA melt adhesive.


Edgebanding Veneer for Grooves on Door Leaves














Edge-banding veneer for grooves on door leaves are made from selected and quality veneers and are intended for manufacturers of interior doors.


By grinding it to a thickness of approximately 0.38 mm, backed with paper with paper density of 30 g, 50 g or double 30 g paper backing, one can achieve flexibility and optimum fitting to various details of the grooves on door leaves.


They are available in rolls with widths of up to 310 mm, without the applied layer or with the applied EVA melt adhesive layer. Tapes pre-lacquered with flexible PU or UV water-based lacquers are also available upon request.


Edgebanding Veener, Multi-layer for Straight Edges













Multi-layer glued edge-banding tapes made from veneer in rolls are made from individual glued together sheets of veneer, which enables quality working on machines for edge banding.


A quality choice and colour coordination of individual veneer sheets gives the multi-layer edge-banding tape the characteristics and appearance of a solid glued tape.


Individual sheets of veneer edge-banding tape are glued together with a special PVAc 3D adhesive that enables elasticity of multi-layered tapes and thus quality edge banding of curvatures on machines (BAZ).


In stock, we have multi-layered edge-banding tapes made from all commercial wood types and in standard thicknesses of 1 mm, 1.5 mm and 2 mm and all standard widths. Edge-banding veneers in rolls with widths of 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm are also available upon request.


Edgebanding Veneer with Transversal Wood-Grain



Table surfaces, vertical surfaces and other furniture units can obtain a very interesting appearance with edges banded with edge-banding veneer with a transversal wood grain.


In stock, we have edge banding veneers from six of the most widely spread wood types,

with a thickness of 0.8 mm and widths up to 330 m.


Edge-banding tapes of other tree species and in thicknesses of 0.4 mm, 1.3 mm or 1.8 mm are also available upon request.


End Grain



End grain (cross-cut wood) is a special edge-banding tape sawn from width-glued solid battens, with a thickness of 1.2 mm and widths from 20 mm to the largest width of 63 mm.


The surface of end grain is ground and protected with a protective foil that prevents damage to the tape. It is available exclusively on order, in rolls with length of 50 tm or 100 tm.


Wrapping Veneer













The selection of quality veneers, paper backing and grinding technology up to 0.30 mm is the basis for making wrapping veneers.


They are paper backed with 30 g or 50 g paper-backing paper or double paper backed with 30 g paper. In their flexibility and quality, they are very similar to softforming edge-banding tapes, with the difference being that due to wider profiles they are also wider.


The minimum quantity for an order is approximately 42 m 2. Pre-lacquered tapes with flexible PU or UV water-based lacquers are also available upon request.


Lacquered Veneer



Upon request, we offer the option of lacquering or staining edge-banding tapes of all wood types, intended for banding straight and softform edges for wrapping profiles and edge banding grooves on door leaves.


The colour and shine of the lacquered surface depends on the customer’s wishes and requirements.


The minimum quantity for order and the delivery deadline can be agreed upon with a prior arrangement.

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