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Talbott T75, 25kW output able to heat areas up to 3,000 sq.ft whilst using approx. 8kg/hr of wood off cuts.

T150-red-157x300 - Copy.png

Talbott T150, 50kW output able to heat areas up to 5,000 sq.ft whilst using approx. 15kg/hr of wood off cuts.

T300-red - Copy.png

Talbott T300, 100kW output able to heat areas up to 7,000 sq.ft whilst using approx. 25kg/hr of wood off cuts.

The Talbott wood working range of combustion to heat systems provide a simple and economic solution to the rising cost of wood waste heating provision and disposal

They are all approved appliances for use within smoke control areas. Specified T-Range heaters are suitable for combustion of MDF, Chipboard, Softwood and Hardwoods.


Easy to operate, they are a simple solution for factory space heating and wood waste disposal. Hand fed and Automatic versions available.

We also have a range of Modern Wood Energy ‘MWE’ boilers that are eligible for the

Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. 


This range has full RHI emissions certification whilst using a variety of waste wood fuels. 


These as standard include such features as automatic de-ash, heat exchange cleaning and lambda sensor control; all to ensure clean, efficient and controlled combustion.

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