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Automatic Pack Cutting Machine (TPA120)

Delta TPA120
  • Metallic structure consisting of appropriately sized steel profiles.

  • Cutting unit with chain-saw with maximum pack transit 1250 mm wide and 1250mm high.

  • Cutting measure: minimum 400 mm – maximum 3600 mm.

  • Horizontal chariot lifting system with column-structured lateral guides.

  • Upward stroke adjustable with speed variator.

  • Electronic cutting control to check motor stress.

  • Tensioning system to prevent the bar from bending sideways during the cutting phase.

  • System for tensioning of the cutting chain with stretch-recovering device.

  • Automatic chain lubricating system via pneumatic pump, with oil sight glass to check for oil shortage on board of the machine.

  • Suction pipe to evacuate the sawdust.

  • Front window to allow the operator to view and position the pack on the cutting axis.

  • Tolerance +/- 2mm

  • Cutting speed adjustable automatically via PLC

  • Required operators: 1.

pack cutting

pack cutting

pack cut control

pack cut control

pack cut 2

pack cut 2



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The Automatic Pack-cutting Machine (TPA120) has been designed in consideration of the weights and masses that it is required to cut and transfer.


The oversized structure of the cutting machine coupled with state-of-the-art mechanics ensure smooth displacement and processing precision.


The cutting system of the pack-cutting machine from bottom to top (of our own design) makes it possible to cut the packs with the upper pressers that push on the pack, to discharge sawdust and for sequenced splicing, and to work on packs of lathed wood without the bothersome closure of the cutting mechanism and the consequential locking of the blade.


This system is fully managed by PLC (Processing Loading Control) logic and its supply includes protections and safety systems compliant with the European Directives that govern safety in the workplace, as a standard feature.

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