Hot Melt Edgebanders UK

MAX 330M

Machine Specs:

  • 9m/min feed speed

  • 8-45mm panel thickness

  • 8-32mm pre milling (45mm option)

  • 0.4-3mm egding thickness

  • Min panel width 100mm

  • Min panel length 170mm

  • 4088mm x 1003mm x 197mm overall size

  • 700kg

track rollers

track rollers

infeed area

infeed area

Glue Pot

Glue Pot

glue roller

glue roller

End trim saws

End trim saws

Trim Unit

Trim Unit

OAV 330M


OAV's  Entry level industrial edgebander is a fantastic value for money hot melt machine.


Features from start to finish:

  • Pre heating

       Heated infeed fence helps glue adhesion

  • Hot melt glue pot

       Teflon coated for easy maintenance with a 1.1kg storage capacity.

  • End trimming unit

       Uses a high frequency 10,000rpm motor mounted on high precision linear bearings

  • Radius trimming unit

       Fully adjustable to create either a square flush edge or radius edge.

       2mm radius fitted as standard.

  • Buffing Unit

       A final finishing stage removes fine traces of glue and tape discolouration.


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