Nailing Line 

Delta Nailing Line 
  • Customizable modular assembly

  • Entirely automated process

Nailing Line


The complete Nailing Line is given by the assembly of a nailing machine with several types of auxiliary equipment which, through a fully automated process, allow the user to obtain a finished product.


In its most complete and performing version, a nailing line comprises the following modules:

- Automatic blocks feeder

- Nailing machine on alternating chariot or with belt

- Pallet tilter (180°)

- Lateral transfert

- Thermic Stamping machine

- Angle-cutting machine

- Milling machine with 6 cutters (from top or bottom)

- Stacker unit (consists of a 90° pallet tilter, a tilter with fork and an automatic stacker)

- Warehouse


The set-up of the nailing lines are fully customizable, since each module can be added separately, even after purchase, based on the customer’s specific needs.


This is why Delta Srl offers several customized solutions, but on a whole suggests:

- The nailing line on alternating chariot (CHA LINE) as the ideal solution for companies with an average-high production output of pallets, standard or special, with a fast format change-over.

- The nailing line with belt (CHT LINE) which, due its simplicity, adapts to companies with high production levels.


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