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Bandsaw Pallet Dismantler (SSP)

Delta SSP
  • Pneumatic Pallet guide attachment

  • Wheel Diameter: 520mm

  • Machine Dimensions: 3700mm X 1950mm X 1510mm

  • Band Saw motor: KW 2.2

  • Working bench adjustable by means of foot pedal. Dimensions of the bench:1410mm lenght x 1510 width

  • Band Saw dimension: 6450mm long - 41mm high

  • Band Saw speed: 230metri/m

  • Wheel Speed: 140g/m



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The Bandsaw Pallet Dismantler (SSP) is designed to fully or partially disassemble the pallet in its entirety. The simple construction makes it makes a machine with great versatility. Two robust saw guides keeps the saw always in tension,even in mission critical work. The transmission loader and automatic tensioning allow a better grip on the guide bar.


The sawing machine has a work plan that allows you to have a dual function:

- On the one hand retrieves pallets partially worn;

- On the other hand it allows the total removal.

The adjustment of the ascent and descent of the plan can be carried out with two pedals tires located on the floor in order to facilitate the operation.


The Bandsaw also features all the protections and safety systems required by the applicable European Directives as standard feature.

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