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Hydraulic nailing machine on alternating chariot (CHA)

Delta CHA
  • 2 hydraulic nail distributors each with 15 outfeeds

  • Work bench and a highly innovative system of molds

  • Boosted hydraulic system

  • Single pneumatic tweezer locking system

  • Brushless motor for millimetric nailing precision

  • Touch-screen operator panel

  • Automatically adjustable nailing cycle speed

  • Required operators: 1-2



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cha control

cha control

cha nailing heads

cha nailing heads

cha front

cha front

The hydraulic nailing machine on alternating chariot (CHA) designed and developed by DELTA Srl is the ideal solution, precise and fast, for companies that estimate a daily production capacity of 500/600 pallets (in an 8-hour shift).


The standard operating dimensions are 1500mm (length) by 1200/1500mm (width) and with a height between 20mm to 160mm (the maximum operating length can on request be changed to fit customer requirements).


This nailing machine, equipped with tweezers with single pneumatic locking system and 1 or 2 nail distributors, has been designed to individually and simultaneously nail 26 loose nails.


The boxes allow the operator to use any type of nail with a measure ranging between 30mm and 90 mm.


Adjustment of the nailing process and of the operating cycle’s speed are automatically controlled by PLC through a touch-screen control panel with which the operator automatically manages the number and combination of nailing operations to perform, when different types of nails are used simultaneously, and the time of the operating cycle, in standby and at work.


The counterbalancing nailing bar, which can automatically level itself on the product before it is nailed, guarantees the bar’s millimetric precision. 


The nailing system has a heat exchanger to keep the temperature of the oil in the hydraulic circuit constant.


Lubrication is automatic and timed for a preset operating period, and is adjustable from 0 to 12 months.


The number of tweezers with single pneumatic locking system and the number of boxes to feed the nail out is customizable.


The nailing machine also features all the protections and safety systems required by the applicable European Directives as standard feature. 

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